Biochemistry is the science of life. We begin our day with doing some biochemistry in kitchen. Bioling of eggs for  breakfast is actually Protein denaturation with heat. Making yoghurt from milk is denaturation of casien proteins with lactic acid produced by Lactobacilus. What is happening to food that we eat and how it is used by our body involves Biochemistry. In short, Biochemistry is a fascinating subject which deals with understanding chemistry of life at molecular level. 

The Department of Biochemistry at University of Kashmir is a fascinating place to enroll for Masters program. We have a dedicated faculty who are well trained and are authortative experts in the field. We nuture incoming students in a such a way that after completion of their course from the department, they are  ready to begin their career in top notch institutions of the country and abroad. 

 In addition to the Masters program, the department offers an Integrated Ph.D. program in the fields of cancer Biology, cell signalling, ubiquitin biology and reproductive biology. 


Dr. Nazir A. Dar
Head Of Department