9. Dr. Ghulam Hassan Dar, Post Doctoral Scientist, Uiversity of Oxford, UK, visited the department on 18/06/2019. He delivered a talk on " Role of GAPDH in Extracellular Vesicle (EV) Secretion and its application in EV-mediated drug delivery to Brain."

8. Dr. Sanjeev Galande, Senior Scientist, IISER Pune,visited the department on 26/04/2019. He delivered a talk on "Dynamic regulation of chromatin organizer SATB1 via TCR induced alternative promoter switch during T-cell development."


7. Dr V.Radha, Senior Scientist, CCMB, Hyderabad, visited the department on 27/09/2018. She delivered a talk on "How does a regulator of development function? Mutitasking to decide cell fate!"

6. Dr. Mubarak H. Syed, Assistant Prof. University of New Maxico,USA, vistsed the department on 04/09/2018. He delivered a talk on "  Hormonal regulation of stem cell competence and neural diversity."

5.  Dr. Shahid Jameel, Welcome-DBT India Alliance, New Delhi visited the department on 03/05/2018. He delivered a talk on "From Chemistry to Virology-Lessons from a Career in Science".

4. Dr. Ishfaq Ahmed, senior post doctoral scientist from University of Kansas Medical Center,USA, visited the department on 28/07/2017. He delivered a talk on "Pectin promotes Lgr5 driven colon regeneration to ameloriate colitis".

3. Dr. Imtiyaz Yaseen, from CDFD, Hydeabad visted the department on 16/06/2017. He spoke on " Histone Methyltransferase SUV39H1 participates in host defense by methylating mycobacterial histone like protein HupB".


2. Dr. Tanveer Ahmad, Postdoctoral Research Associate, National Institutes of Health,USA,   visited the department on 30/03/2017. He spoke on "Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Cellular Cargo". Besides his seminar he had an interacting session with MSc students (2nd semester).


1. Dr. Javaid Yusuf Bhat, Postdoctoral Scientist at Max Plank Institute of Biochemistry, Germany, visted the department on 30/07/2015. He delivered a seminar on "Chaprones in RUBISCO assembly and maintainence".