S.No Name Position and Association Date of Visit  Title of scientific talk Other activities
1 Dr. Javaid Yusuf Bhat

Postdoctoral Scientist, Max Plank Institute                                 of Biochemistry, Germany

30/07/2015 Chaprones in RUBISCO assembly and maintainence
2 Dr. Tanveer Ahmad Postdoctoral Research Associate,  National Institutes of Health, USA 30/03/2017 Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Cellular Cargo Interacting session with MSc students (2nd semester)
3 Dr. Imtiyaz Yaseen CDFD, Hydeabad 16/06/2017 Histone Methyltransferase SUV39H1 participates in host defense by methylating mycobacterial histone like protein HupB
4 Dr. Ishfaq Ahmed Senior post doctoral scientist, University of Kansas Medical Center,  USA 28/07/2017 Pectin promotes Lgr5 driven colon regeneration to ameloriate colitis
5 Dr. Shahid Jameel Welcome-DBT India Alliance, New Delhi 03/05/2018 From Chemistry to Virology-Lessons from a Career in Science Interacting session with faculty
6 Dr. Mubarak H. Syed Assistant Prof.,  University of New Maxico, USA 04/09/2018 Hormonal regulation of stem cell competence and neural diversity
7 Dr V. Radha Senior Scientist, CCMB, Hyderabad 27/09/2018 How does a regulator of development function? Mutitasking to decide cell fate!
8 Dr. Sanjeev Galande Senior Scientist, IISER  Pune 26/04/2019 Dynamic regulation of chromatin organizer SATB1 via TCR induced alternative promoter switch during T-cell development
9 Dr. Ghulam Hassan Dar Post Doctoral Scientist, Uiversity of Oxford, UK 18/06/2019 Role of GAPDH in Extracellular Vesicle (EV) Secretion and its application in EV-mediated drug delivery to Brain
10 Prof Gaya Prasad Ex Vice Chancellor, SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY, MEERUT 12/05/2022 Knolwege generation by research and innovation  Interaction sessions with Faculty, Masters students and research scholars
11 Mudabir Abdullah Concardia University, Montreal, Canada 7/06/2022 Engineering complex human complexes in simplified cell Interaction session with Masters students
12 Dr. Sameer Mohammad KAIMRC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 7/06/2022 Interaction session with research scholars, students and faculty
13 Dr. Manish Jaiswal TIFR, Hyderabad 5/09/2022 Genetic Screens: Tragetting mitochondrial shape, size and numbers Intercation with research scholars, faculty
14 Dr. Manzoor Zargar NIH, USA 22/09/2022 Interaction with faculty